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Helicopter and Aircraft Maintenance and Modifications

Bristow Technical Services Ltd., part of the Bristow Group, provides technical support services to the helicopter transportation industry. Our technical services unit provides helicopter repair services from facilities located in New Iberia, Louisiana; Redhill, England and Aberdeen, Scotland.

For more than 45 years, our considerable technical capabilities have supported all types of helicopter flight operations across all continents. Serving civil and military customers alike, we are committed to providing component overhauls, design services and production. For further information, please contact Bristow Technical Services at +44 (0)1737 822353.


The extensive approvals granted to us by international regulatory authorities and manufacturers put Bristow in the lead for providing helicopter maintenance and modification support to our clients across the world.

  • EASA Part 145 (U.K.)
  • FAA Repair Station (U.K./U.S.)
  • Bell Customer Service Facility (U.K./U.S.)
  • Bell Authorized Customer Training Facility (U.K.)
  • CAA BCAR (U.K.)
  • Design house EASA Part 21 J DOA (U.K.)
  • Production EASA Part 21 G POA (U.K.)
  • Sultanate of Oman (U.K.)
  • State of Qatar (U.K.)
  • Turbomeca
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Authorized Maintenance Center
  • ISO 9001 QA Accreditation (U.K.)


Bristow has extensive helicopter maintenance and modification capabilities at its U.S. and U.K. locations. We can help reduce your costs and increase reliability with the following services:

  • Project management
  • Technical and operational manpower resources
  • Pilot and technician type training
  • Design and manufacture
  • Major Bell Customer Service Facilities
  • CAA/FAA approved safety and survival modifications unique to Bristow Helicopters Ltd. Technical Services
  • Drive train component repair and overhaul
  • Ancillary component repair
  • Consultancy

Component Overhaul

At our U.S. and European locations, Bristow holds comprehensive airworthiness authority approvals, including FAA and JAR-145. In addition, our U.S. facility has the capability of overhauling the main, intermediate and tail rotor gearboxes for the Sikorsky S-76.

Bristow also has approval to service clients through its Bell Customer Service Facilities. Our capability range is considerable, covering Bell helicopter models 204, 205, 206 series, 212, 214 series, 407 and 412. In the U.K., we have developed helicopter repair schemes, approved by Bell, that can recover a range of components and return them to service, assuming certain criteria are met, when otherwise they would be declared unserviceable and withdrawn from service. This can result in large cost savings for our clients. Our approach to helicopter overhauls is different and exceeds manufacturer requirements.

Bell Components

We have the complete rotor and transmission repair and overhaul capability for the following helicopter models: 205, 206 Series, 212, 214 Series, 407 and 412.

Special repair recovery schemes are available for a range of dynamic components, particularly Bell 205 and 212 rotor head grips. All the repair schemes are approved by Bell. We would be pleased to supply further details on request.

In addition, we repair or overhaul many minor components including control tubes, bell cranks, transmission support links and lift links and have wide NDT capability.

Sikorsky Components

Bristow offers extensive repair and overhaul capabilities for Sikorsky S-61 and S-76 helicopters under our FAA and JAR-145 approvals.

The S-76 capabilities include

  • Main, intermediate and tail gearbox repair and overhaul (U.S.)
  • Rotor head, swashplate, bifilar and tail drive shafts (U.K./U.S.)
  • Landing gear, cooler blower, wheel brakes and rotor brake (U.K./U.S.)
  • Cargo hook & VTA (U.K./U.S.)
  • Hydraulics (U.S.)
  • Instrumentation (U.S.)

The S-61 capabilities include

  • Freewheel unit
  • Oil cooler fan
  • Cargo hook
  • Main landing gear
  • Tail rotor hub
  • Tail drive shafts


Bristow develops modifications for our helicopter fleet, both fixed and rotary wing. Bristow’s design group has become the largest and most capable design facility of any civil operator in the world.

Our U.K. CAA BCAR and EASA Part 21 J design organization approvals, together with our manufacturing capability and ISO9001 QA accreditation, enable us to provide design, manufacturing and installation services to civil and military clients worldwide.

Design disciplines include avionics, mechanical installation, structures, stress analysis and full technical publications. This comprehensive capability allows us to offer complete service, from concept through all stages of design, manufacture, installation, test and certification. Examples include

  • Jettisonable life raft systems for the Bell 212, 412, 430 and Eurocopter AS332
  • Emergency flotation systems for the Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412
  • Automatic float deployment systems to supplement the existing manual electric system
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) modifications
  • Health monitoring systems
  • Avionic suite upgrades
  • Major structural modifications
  • Full aircraft completions
  • Cabin and cockpit customization 

The combination of our design capability and long experience of providing 24-hour SAR helicopter services uniquely qualifies Bristow as the world leader in providing modifications for this specialist activity, from providing FLIR installations to aid searching in low visibility conditions to a complete package including auto-hover, rescue and survival equipment.

SAR modifications include

  • Nitesun and FLIR installations
  • Dual rescue hoist
  • Stretcher installations
  • Auto-hover

Bristow has produced numerous modifications for a wide range of aircraft, both helicopters and fixed wing, covering a diverse range of requirements, from simple mechanical or avionic enhancements to more complex tasks where extensive development and trials may be necessary to achieve the required standard of integrity and performance.

Operational Support

Highly skilled and experienced helicopter technicians can be provided for short-term requirements such as major inspections or repairs on site at a customer’s facility. Long-term support can also be provided, undertaking all maintenance requirements as part of a package, often including training of local staff in on-the-job experience for the long-term benefit of the client.


Bristow’s EASA Part 21 approved Production Organization is able to provide complete installation kits for all Bristow Helicopters designs. The installation kit provides the customer with all the parts needed to complete the modification to their helicopter.